• AQUIND Interconnector will increase competition across energy markets, improve security of supply and help foster greater renewable power integration.

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AQUIND Interconnector is a proposed High Voltage Direct Current (‘HVDC’) subsea and underground electric power transmission link between the south of England and Normandy in France.

It is estimated that AQUIND Interconnector will have sufficient capacity to transmit up to 16,000,000 MWh of electricity annually between GB and France, accounting for approximately 5% and 3% of their respective total electricity consumption and enough to keep the lights on in up to four million British households*.

AQUIND Interconnector will make a significant contribution to improving GB’s security of electricity supply and achieving greater affordability by improving competition, making the GB energy market more efficient and enabling greater energy flexibility. This should ultimately benefit consumers via increased access to lower prices due to competitive pressures on domestic energy generators.

AQUIND Interconnector will use well-tested and reliable technology. Without overhead lines, the project strives to achieve the lowest possible visual impact.

At present, it is estimated that AQUIND Interconnector will become operational in 2022.

AQUIND is committed to consulting with the local community,  affected landowners and relevant stakeholders in order to achieve the best possible scheme, with the input of all parties.

As part of our commitment to community engagement, we hosted consultation events in January 2018 to enable local people to view the proposals, speak with the project team and provide us with your feedback.

We will update this website with further information as the plans progress.

* Based on the average household electricity consumption of 4MWh/year, DECC, Energy Consumption in the UK (2015), Chapter 3, p. 7, http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20160510033717/https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/energyconsumption-in-the-uk.