• Positive public response to AQUIND Interconnector

AQUIND has received a positive response from the public to its proposals for a new underground power transmission link between the UK and France, according to the results of public consultation events held in Waterlooville, Southsea and Lovedean in late January 2018.

A total of 278 people attended the three events to view proposals for AQUIND Interconnector, speak with the project team and to share their feedback.

The proposals have also been available for respondents to provide feedback online via a dedicated project website, while the consultation was advertised via a leaflet drop to over 10,000 households, newspaper adverts as well as via social media.

Attendees were provided with a four-week period to submit their comments, with the deadline being Saturday 24th February 2018.

Over two thirds (68%) of feedback responses expressed support for the project. Moreover:

  • Over two thirds (67%) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the aims of the project
  • 60% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the approach to the converter station design
  • 70% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the approach to the underground cable design

AQUIND will carefully review all of the feedback received and, where possible, consider amendments to the design and proposed mitigation strategies before submitting planning applications later in 2018.

A spokesperson for AQUIND said:

“AQUIND would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback as part of this round of consultation.

“We are of course pleased to see the support for the project reflected in the feedback received, but AQUIND will also be considering all comments submitted carefully and feeding these into the design process for the converter station, cable route and landfall locations. This will be a key consideration in finalising our plans in the coming months.

“We look forward to displaying the final proposals at further consultation events later this year.

“With the ability to transmit up to 5% of Great Britain’s annual electricity consumption, AQUIND Interconnector will help meet the long-term energy needs of millions of existing households and businesses in the south of England, where growth and demand is highest.

“AQUIND interconnector will use well-tested and reliable cable technology, burying the cable along the whole route and avoiding the need for the construction of overhead lines and their associated visual impact.”