• Ground investigations to take place to inform cable route for AQUIND interconnector

From Monday 6th August 2018 a programme of ground investigation (GI) works will commence at locations in Portsmouth in order to consider the potential for variations to the proposed underground cable route of AQUIND Interconnector – any proposed route would be subject to planning and agreement with the council and landowners.

The works will involve a combination of bore holes and window samples and are scheduled to take place over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. A limited number of investigations will be undertaken on the highway under the provisions of the New Roads and Street Works Act.

Boreholes are a common method of ground investigation and involve drilling into the ground to collect underground samples for testing. A typical borehole usually takes between 2 to 3 days to complete, depending on depth and ground conditions. Drilling will only take place during working hours (8am to 6pm) and noise levels will not exceed safe legal limits.

Window samples involve collecting underground samples and are usually used for shallower depth sampling. Window samples can be completed in just a few hours with little noise disturbance.

The ground investigation locations have been specifically chosen to minimise any impact on residents businesses and the highway network – AQUIND has been working closely with Portsmouth City Council to schedule the works accordingly. Affected landowners have been contacted in advance of the works taking place.

The purpose of the ground investigations is to consider the potential for variations to the proposed underground cable route of AQUIND Interconnector in order to minimise impacts on local residents, businesses and the highway network. This approach responds directly to the feedback received from AQUIND’s Public Consultation Events held in January 2018.

Cllr Ben Dowling Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration and Economic Development at Portsmouth City Council said:

“AQUIND are carrying out ground work investigations at a number of points across the city to enable them to consider possible routes and options which would minimise disruption to the city including to our roads network.”

Alongside the GI works, the AQUIND project team is continuing to work closely with Portsmouth City Council and is also engaging with a large number of stakeholders in relation to the project. This includes local authority officers, regulators, elected officials, advisory bodies, community groups, landowners and suppliers.

Any questions relating to the planned works or the project more generally should be directed to AQUIND’s community engagement team via:

• Freephone: 01962 893869
• Email: aquindconsultation@becg.com