• Consultation Feedback Deadline Reached

The deadline for submitting feedback on AQUIND’s proposals following the first round of public exhibitions has now passed.

AQUIND would like to thank all those that attended one of our consultation events and provided their feedback on our emerging proposals for AQUIND Interconnector.

We will now carefully review all of the feedback received and, where possible, consider amendments to the design of the Interconnector and the proposed mitigation strategies.

AQUIND will embark on a second phase of public consultation during which we will present further details on the proposals and information on how we have responded to the feedback received.

Details of these events will be made available on this website and widely publicised in due course.

Full details of the public consultation, how AQUIND has sought to respond to the feedback received and how this has informed the final design and mitigation measures will be documented in a Consultation Report – which will be submitted as part of the planning applications for the project.

AQUIND will continue to provide further information and answer questions via our information line on 01962 893869 or email at aquindconsultation@becg.com