• About AQUIND Interconnector

How it Works

An interconnector enables the transfer of energy between the electricity transmission systems of different countries.

A cable will run underground and undersea between England and France, linking into substations on both sides of the Channel to flow into the national energy grid of each country.

Linking England and France’s energy grids in this way therefore allows each country to share power if there is an oversupply or under-supply at either end of the cable.

What it Will Do

AQUIND Interconnector would have the capacity to supply power to up to 5 million homes, by transmitting approximately 16,000,000 MWh of electricity each year.

Beyond that, the interconnector would deliver vital services to the national transmission system operators in both the UK and France and provides an opportunity for surplus energy to be traded between the two countries.

Further information about the benefits of AQUIND Interconnector is available on the Community Benefits page.


AQUIND Limited is a UK-based company and its sole business is the development of the AQUIND Interconnector.

AQUIND Limited is not associated with any UK or European utilities or national electricity transmission system operators.

AQUIND Interconnector is being developed without government subsidies and, therefore, comes at no cost to the UK taxpayer. This will help ensure additional security and diversity of energy supply, promote energy market competition and enhance value for energy consumers.